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преузимањеMost Australian men are old-school, and they believe that a vibrator is just a sex toy, and that the only purpose it has is to use as a replacement for a penis. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, because a vibrator is a sex toy that can be used both as a sex toy when the man isn’t around, and as a sex aid during sex. And now, we’re going to explain to you some new ways you can use any vibrator Australia has to offer.

The first thing you could do with a vibrator is taking it in your hands, turning it on and rubbing it all over your man. Of course, the rubbing process should end at the crotch section. This will make the man get familiar with the feeling that a vibrator has to offer. You should start with a slow setting, and use it on your and his nipples. Start turning up the speed as you start circulating around them. Also, you could try licking his nipple (or he yours), while the other one gets worked by the sex toy.

You can also use the vibrator on your man’s penis. Keep in mind that the shaft of the penis isn’t that sensitive, which means that you can turn it up all the way. Try stimulating his entire penis, and that will make him feel great.

You can also use a vibrator while you are giving oral sex to your partner. You just press your vibrator against your cheek, and the vibrating sensation will make him crazy. Then, you can also use it against his testicles, but keep in mind that they are extremely sensitive and that you shouldn’t really turn up the power on it. Also, if you do this suddenly, the surprise would make him loose his mind, of course, the positive way.

The vibrator can also be used by a man to satisfy his woman, and the best way to do so is to use it as he is pleasuring her orally. This will satisfy her because it will hit her G-spot, and you will also help out by stimulating her clitoris.

enhanced-32253-1414255611-3But perhaps the best thing to do would be to give the man the complete control over the sex toy. Give the control over to him, and that will make the experience even better, and will make you wild with desire.

Of course, there are some men that are hesitant into using a vibrator as a sex toy, because it is still being perceived as a woman’s toy. Try to prove to him that this isn’t so, and once he’s experienced this sex toy for the first time, he is guaranteed to love it.

Even though some people believe that a vibrator is only a sex toy that is being used as a replacement for a man, we now know that this is not true, and that it can be used by both partners, and that, in fact, it is a lot better when it is being used by a couple.

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Often men believe that women do not need sex and that they use it only to control men. Truth be told, women need sex as much as men to. Alas, when no real penis is around, one needs to take care of their own needs using very convenient and various sex toys that can be found. Here are five most important reasons why women need sex toys.


1. Sex Is Healthy

Sex toys facilitate having an intercourse even without a physical partner. In addition to that, sex toys facilitate having a unique experience which is as close as possible to the real thing as it gets! Women need sex toys because sex is not only pleasurable, but it is also extremely healthy for you. It makes sure your physiological needs are being met. Sex oftentimes has nothing to do with our emotional needs, even though people tend to mix up these two things.


Sex is about meeting your physiological needs, and the best way to deal with it is to buy yourself a sex toy! (Or more of them!)

articles-sex-more-enjoyable-after-502. Not Everyone Has A Partner

If you believe you cannot have a sex life without a partner you probably have not discovered sex toys, yet! Or hear of casual sex. Anyhow, since not everyone has a partner, sometimes it is necessary that sex toys come to the rescue! If you have been single for a while, try getting back on the horse by using some sex toys first. In addition to that, once you start wearing sexy lingerie and using sex toys, you will soon find a real partner as your sexual energy will draw people to you!

Long Distance Relationships - Sexy Times

3. Long-Distance Relationships

Sometimes when you are in a long-distance relationship it can be difficult to continue being intimate. Of course, you are still in regular contact, but as for your sex life, you might as well be single. If you want to spice things up, start using sex toys.valentines-day-lingerie-2015-hm-01

In addition to that, you can even surprise your partner with some online sessions where you will be wearing sexy lingerie and using sex toys to stimulate each other, no matter how far away you are from each other!

tumblr_nzaknj85zP1t8w951o1_5004. Enjoying Life

If you want to enjoy life make sure you buy a sex toy. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or a mother of two. When you have an intercourse with a partner it is about meeting the needs of both of you. On the other hand when you use sex toys, it’s all about you and enjoying life. My suggestion is to take some sex toys and explore your own needs and enjoy life for a moment.

5. Pleasure, Pleasure, Pleasure!

Do I have to say anything else! Masturbation is healthy, and yes it can make it easier for you to deal with some problems in your life such as having no partner at the moment, relaxing, or dealing with challenges of being in a long distance relationships, but most of all, it’s pleasurable and it is all about your pleasure and your needs being met! So put some batteries in that sex toy and take yourself to heaven and back!


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